Want To Take Your Home Or Travel Workouts To The Next Level?
Get My TriSlides And Booty Band Bundle!
Whether you're traveling or looking to get in a fun and killer workout at home to improve your strength and conditioning, the trislides and booty bands are great tools to have on hand!

They are easy to store and you can take them with you anywhere!

They can also help you both advance and modify moves to meet your needs.

The trislider can make push ups, lunges and ab work more challenging or help you modify moves, even helping you make them lower impact if you have bad knees! 

While the bands can add resistance to lower body, core and upper body moves to create metabolic stress so you can build strength and muscle!

And these tools are made with your needs and the actual EXERCISES in mind.

I was sick of mini bands that would break and roll and pinch so I created a booty band that you could put comfortably around your upper leg without having to worry about it breaking. (And guys...it won't pull your leg hair out!)

And with the trislides I added a softer pad on one side for your hands, but not so much cushion you felt it would get destroyed by your shoe. 

And unlike circle sliders that have no flat edge or oval sliders your feet fall off of, my trislides have both a flat edge that is perfect for fly push ups while also being wide enough you won't feel like you're constantly losing the slider on plank wipers and lunges.

So if you're looking to avoid the gym crowds or simply want a "plan b" when you're traveling or busy, you can get in a killer workout anywhere with these two tools and your own bodyweight!

PLUS, if you have the bands and sliders, you can take advantage of my FREE follow along video workouts available in my app Redefining Strength On Demand! 
Do not despair! Click the button below. You can get your band and trislides; HOWEVER, there will be shipping. I can work magic with exercises, but not the mail!
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NOTE: This is a one-time fee and even the Redefining Strength On Demand app is FREE to download with all of these trislide and booty band videos also being free to use.

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